Bali safari and Marine Park

The zoo modern in the concept of animals released free named bali safari and marine park in this strategic gianyar .The tourist attractions is on the way prof dr good idea spell km 19,8 .And the bypass it is easy to find tourists who want to see comprehensive collection of animals in indonesia central and eastern .You are interested visit here ?Make sure objects on vacation famous in bali will be able to challenge .Let alone the park safari it is only 17 miles from the city denpasar or about 30 miles from the beach kuta tourist attractions

Bali safari &  marine park ( bsmp ) on gianyar is regarded by many parties, together with cisarua tsi who became popular tourist in bogor.But for will ever visit them, there were a lot of difference better than collection of animals technique its natural and exploration.For the bali, the car visitors allowed to enter the park safari.Visitors are welcome a vehicle provided the bsmp.In addition, the concept of marine park provided here is different from those on tsi cisarua.Here, you also see a ferocious piranha.Best advice to bali safari and marine park it is in the morning.Because in at ten local time to animal show is very interesting.Besides the performances, watching animal in nature open, there are other events time here.That you are trying to lunch accompanied and surrounded by a lion.Woww .. must be an experience an exclamation not forgotten