On vacation to bali , highly recommended if you visiting sights cool named bedugul , the beauty very alluring .The area is known as tend to cold air , always wet with rain , mist falling on green foliage , and botanical garden , to ulun danu and lake beautiful in surrounding like bratan , tamblingan and buyan .Many objects draw in this area as part of a famous tourist in bali were listed in agenda ( itinerary ) travel agents .If you want more know bedugul this area , us to prepare a complete below

Tourism activity visit

bedugul bali so much fun .Because there are many objects popular and compelling to you see .Whatever place and activities that can be done travelers in there ?The following choice destination that we aligned as a guide vacation you:

1.Temple ulun danu.This is maskot ( icon ) very famous and always adorn many media information related to the island dewata.If you look at the figures / photo pura ulun danu so directly know that must be talk about bali.Bedugul area off because of its beauty pura who as if are in the middle of the lake bratan this.This place is really right for you who want to photography pre wedding, selfie exotic or even host the staying that is calm and romantic for those of you who was berbulan honeybee ( honeymoon ).Tickets the entry of about 10,000  30,000 per person ( domestic and international tourists different

2.Lake bratan .Still a the area by pura ulun danu .But if you want to play in lake such as a water , a canoe , swimming and paralayang ( parasailing and it is about 100 m from the location pura , on the right side .Here you also can be tasted various delicacy with all the fish freshwater .Lake in bedugul it includes tourism bali most stable the number of pengunjungnya .Best advice those of you wanting to photography with the best result is in the morning .Because ahead of the day let alone afternoon , this place to be misty and even it rain much .

3.Lake buyan .Conservation area of nature are very beautiful and this natural is the largest of of three lake twin in bedugul .One tourist destinations in bali untapped infrastructure accommodation this still have charm forest virgin who rarely routes of visitors .Among artist who seek ispirasi in silence love beauty lake buyan .No wonder if we find the painter who was scribble canvas on the bank