Besakih Temple

One temple the great in bali that largest and most widely visited by tourists is besakih .The worship of it is not just visited by community hindu just , but also impressed everyone .temple besakih always be on the agenda tourist visits arranged by managers travel agents especially for group tour large and tourism students , students and employees agencies .This always give attraction for visitors bali island .The temple besakih be in kecamatan rendang , kabupaten karangasem , bali east .From the airport ngurah rai to this place it takes time some 2.5 hours with cover a distance of 75 kilometers .Usually a visit to place this service put together with tour visit ubud or kintamani and batur , to travel tourism becomes effective .If you ladies , should not being in a state of menstruation and dressing modestly closed .All religions must be agreed that if us to places of worship as into temple besakih it should be