Kintamani Volcano

Kintamani one tourism objects in bali , having air the berhawa cool with a panorama the mountains and lake batur so beautiful .The favorite area is a village penelokan kecamatan kintamani , this village terletapada ledges kaldera mountain batur , spot this is where perform very beautiful to seeing sights mountain batur and danaunya .From the ketiinggian perceive sensations mountain batur , sometimes seen so clearly removed smoke , because they were are still active and keindahanan lake crescent beradapada the foot of the mountain .Visit here is day , the time of lunch , because all the way available restaurant by presenting scenery the valley , mountain and lakes .Although the mountain quite low , but this mountain be still active , had several times erupted until large eruptions , when that happened in 1917 , where the eruption have taken thousands of lives also destroying hundreds of houses villagers batur

Occupies a portion of central the and uplands bali island , temperature air area kintamani , bangli this s quite cool it was very cold at night to areas kintamani , land are fertile , citrus trees , coffee and brown can develop optimal , so it is not surprising production orange most tinngi is kintamai .This area in certain seasons usually rainy season , accompanied by the fog .Kintamani located in kabupaten bangli .Bangli is a district is located in the center of the islands this , one district that have no coast , are at an altitude of 400 metres above sea level , causing the area is extremely cool , herbs can develop and thrives

Charm its natural beautiful gave rise to the impression peace, a stretch of scenery the valley also lake batur is the largest lake in the area of bali island and the mountains batur one of the volcano are still active, standing amid the kaldera making an area of this became one of the purpose of tourists the favorite, and interested in.The distance taken to this area about two hours drive from denpasar or karangasem or lovina.Jejeran restaurant along penelokan offer excess of natural beauty of the valley and mountain, proven very interested in, while relax enjoy lunch, visitors showered with a panorama of a nature to astound.