Lovina Beach

Visit to the beach lovina in bali experience its own unique for tourists.Because tourist attractions is habitat for lumba-lumba being benign and quite  friendly  to the people.As we called kidding for the creature is.They are not afraid to the presence of a ship, even show with the attraction jumping beside visitors deliberately come to the beach lovina to see a herd dolphins this.Experience interesting

If you go to one of several shores in bali exotic the sandy lovina this black , then suggested to stay one night in this area .Due to see dolphins on the free , the best in the morning at about 6 to hours 9 .And here was also captivity dolphins that giving performances attraction multiple times a day .So if on the high seas you do not see these intelligent animals ( usually because the weather ) , so you can see atraksinya near hotel .The beach is about 100 miles from kuta this area , are in bali northern , close to buleleng .And in this place , you could swim and snorkeling .For the beach not berkarang as sawarna and ombaknya is not too big for not bordering ocean .Is history that attract by the use of names  lovina this .For penggagasnya the standard tisna , it will be combined name of the love  and ina .