Ubud Village

Ubud tourist bali indonesia ubud village, the art highly often described as an international village.All those who have known tourist attractions ubud bali must be saying, ubud deserve to having known international village.Most dipinggir the road in the region ubud there are restaurant, hotel, galleries and toko-toko selling local craft.Tourist destinations in ubud bali is famous famous, both in indonesia and to foreign countries, kecamatans which have locations situated between paddy fields and forest area between jurang-jurang with the, that makes this location, describing natural a beautiful.In addition to the natural environment, ubud was notorious for art and cultural bali and highly developed from year ketahun.Some people ubud, the sehari-hari they could not be separated from the art and culture.Some people are earns their as artists.Both artist of painting, artists handicrafts or artist