Uluwatu Temple

The existence of a uluwatu temple in bali south loose by dance performance fascinating kecak at dusk .Even sunset the beautiful in coastal cliffs is background performance is second to none . If you watch kecak dance in the ubud , then you should also saw similar dance in an uluwatu .The artificial setting modern in setting stunning natural will give different experiences not forgotten .To uluwatu built in the master kuturan establish a great besakih around ad 11 and told danghyang nirartha reached nature moksa on this site having traveled sacred ( tirta yatra mobile ) bali , lombok and sumbawa .The building structures to uluwatu same like to that is in bali tri mandala is divided into 3 page , namely the outer courtyard , the central and page in ( purian ) .Say it is one universe kahyangan in bali , is sad and into kahyangan as the

To uluwatu exists on rock that juts out into the middle of the ocean with the height of less than 90 meters.Rocky cliffs around to give a very unusual very spoil the tourists who visit.In addition the sea then it is also no less pulled her to mecuri the attention of surfer the world to simply enjoy ombak-ombak created at his right hand.The to uluwatu is located in the village in district pecatu kuta badung.It took only 20 minutes drive from the coast kuta, 15 minutes from the nusa dua, 35 minutes from the coast sanur and around 60 minutes from ubud.Uniqueness of a uluwatu is shaped of old buildings gate winged.And the pattern of pattern were gate have in common with gate in an dalem sakenan with the relief carving a beautiful.Arching in the uluwatu shaped like a temple brackets without doors with an of head when with various ra